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      The Brick Skid

      ZERO-Emissions EXPLOSION PROOF Light Tower

      • The NEXT Evolution of Temporary Area Lighting
      • Designed for use anywhere in or near combustible gas, liquids or dust
      • Replaces/Supplements Generator-driven Light Towers
      • Explosion proof light tower

      BRICK SKIDs offer uncompromising Reliability, Safety, and Environmental Benefits while protecting labor/assets, improving productivity and quickly returning capital spent. Western Technology chose Control Dynamics, Everett, WA, a company with a long history of building advanced aerial work platforms and MEWP fall protection systems, to design and fabricate the BRICK SKID.

      Product Highlights
      · NO Noise
      · NO Heat
      · NO Drip Pans
      · NO Fueling/Fueler (EPA Fuel Spillage Issues)
      · NO Maintenance
      · Total Spark-Free Construction
      · Explosion proof light tower
      · Secure Locker for Storage of Convertor/Cables During Shipment
      · Independent Aiming of Each BRICK®
      · Ability to Remove a BRICK® (for vessel entry / work light / independent rental)
      · 360° Lighting of a +200ft Diameter Area
      · Class 1 & 2, Div 1 Electrics/Plug receptacles
      · Compact size 6’x6’, 2,250 lbs, retractable 16’ mast
      – Note: 1,250 lbs is ballast sealed in base for high wind/tip over protection
      · Reduce Tripping Hazards & Total Electric Power Draw:
      – a SINGLE 110/220VAC, 20 AMP Plug-in cord