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      Control Panels

      We identify and prototype control panel components and install to meet specifications.

      CDI installs industrial control panel systems to create a single location for electrical control.

      Control panels must be built to the correct specifications for the work required. They come in different shapes and sizes and must meet regulations requirements.  CDI provides a complete turnkey system integration from design and installation to maintenance and upgrades. We meet all NEMA configurations and provide continued support through the life of the industrial panel.

      Control & Automation Panel

      Control and Automation Panels are becoming a common site at many facilities in today’s high-tech world. CDI has over 26 years of field-proven control and automation design, build, and installation. Let us know your requirements and CDI will deliver the right solution

      Motor Drive Panel

      Motors drive our world, from fans that move the air we breathe to pumps that supply the water pressure we enjoy at home and our workplace. CDI works with motors from fractional horsepower style motors to complex 400hz 500hp systems for large aerospace operations. Our licensed electricians have the field experience to assure a proper installation.

      Fall Protection Interlock

      Fall protection interlock installed in an explosion-proof area. You can trust CDI to properly size your panel to your use as well as assuring proper installation and testing procedures to assure long and predictable life cycles of your equipment.