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      Custom Design Build

      We identify and prototype control panel components and install to meet specifications.

      Control Dynamics is very well placed for custom design build projects.  Our staff of designers and engineers are experienced in many fields from Aerospace, Ship Building, and many other areas in between these.

      Aerospace Design Build

      From rocket assembly to large commercial aircraft, CDI will design a solution for the safe and productive assembly and maintenance of these critical systems for many years of reliable use.

      Tooling Structures Design Build

      Tooling structures are critical in their accuracy and repeatability.  CDI provides engineered solutions to meet or exceed the accuracy and safety parameters needed to qualify as tooling products.

      Ship Building Design Build

      Ship and aircraft use many of the same construction methods when being built.  The big difference is the materials, weight, and you typically cannot weld a big patch in an aircraft.  CDI provide solutions for critical processes in ship building as well as systems used while underway.