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      Machine Modification

      Modification of machine tools is a task that utilizes many skill sets to be effective. CDI works with many customers to help modernize their process machinery to allow for better throughput as well as safety modifications to meet ever-changing OSHA and ANSI codes.  

      Quality, workmanship, and appearance count in the industrial control world.  CDI electricians and machinists pride themselves in quality, fit, and finish.  You can count on CDI to deliver your machine in excellent working condition and compliant to local electrical and safety standards.  Many of CDI’s installations are working in the toughest conditions 24/7 even after 25 years of life cycle.

      Electrical Modifications

      Many machine tools have electrical systems and components that evolve as technology changes. CDI works with our customers to identify electrical upgrade solutions to achieve the customers’ goals from productivity to longevity. The customer does not always need to replace trusted older tooling for these cases.

      Safety Modifications

      Modification of dust collector for shop tools. Safety is always evolving to provide greater protection for workers. CDI provides machine tool safety modifications that may be as simple as adding a new E-Stop button to very complex safety solutions which require both electrical and mechanical designs to meet the new standards.

      ARC Flash Modifications

      NFPA70E now requires machine tools and associated electrical equipment to have arc flash studies to identify components that may not be qualified to handle the dangerous inrush of an arc flash event. CDI provides turn key solutions for arc flash remediation and testing with our third party testing laboratories.