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      We prototype components to meet any specifications.

      Sometimes you have to prototype the customer’s product to make sure your own prototype and concept will work and fit correctly.

      Spot the Robot Dog

      Boston Dynamic’s SPOT’s neck has a unique profile, and CDI made a custom clamp to mount our Pro LOX to the neck.  
      CDI 3D printed SPOT’s neck and 3D printed the 1st clamp model to verify fit and functionality.
      Now the customer can quickly attach and remove accessories to SPOT’s neck.
      CDI also prototyped and now sells custom attachments to SPOT’s back to carry sensors and radio transmitters.

      Mod Truss Lox Prototype 

      ModTruss Lox was prototyped and used for quick assembly and disassembly of ModTruss 6×6 or 12×12 truss beams.
      The design is based on our standard Pro LOX and customized to work with ModTruss components.
      Now entire concert sets can be assembled and disassembled easily and moved to their next concert setup.