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      Industrial Design

      Control Dynamics is a highly innovative industrial designer

      Innovative Solutions

      Our unique experience and ability create opportunities for solid, reliable solutions

      Industrial Design

      Control Dynamics provides highly innovative industrial design to solve critical problems for diverse industries from aerospace to pharmaceuticals.

      Solving Problems from Concept to Floor


      Global Companies

      We work with companies from a variety of industries including Boeing, Toyota, Georgia Pacific and Skanska.

      Electrical Solutions

      Cable & Wiring

      Machine Upgrades

      Control Panels


      Production Constraints

      Our solutions solve emergent production constraints causing costly overruns and deadlines .

      Mechanical Solutions

      Motor Controls

      Install & Remove

      Design Build


      Innovative Design & Engineering

      We design practical, real world solutions because we’re hands-on practitioners of our crafts.

      Machining Solutions

      High Speed


      High Volume