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      Piranha Lites

      The Piranha Lites make the use of a scissor lift or almost any aerial or elevating work platform safer for the operator and those working around the lift.

      Safety Lights for Platform Lifts (AWP/MEWP)

      The Piranha Lites make the use of a scissor lift or almost any AWP/MEWP safer by creating a lighted visual perimeter for the operator and those working around the lift. The lighted perimeter creates a cushion of safety between pedestrians and the lift.

      Bucket trucks, articulated boom lifts, telescoping boom lifts, mast system lifts and scissor lifts are different types of aerial work platforms (AWP) and mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP). These types of powered equipment provides temporary access for people or equipment to lift or reach inaccessible areas, mostly at height.

      Piranha Lites creates a visible, lighted border around the powered equipment to operators and pedestrians can see the safe operating distance between the equipment and people. The light creates a safe zone of operation.  

      OSHA General Duty Clause
      Getting caught in or between machinery is one of the four leading causes of fatality among workers. It accounts for nearly 7% of worker fatalities. The OSHA General Duty Clause states each employer must provide a place of employment free from recognized hazards that cause death or serious physical harm. Piranha Lites addresses platform lift safety for operators and workers for nearly any AWP/MEWP.

      Lighted, Visible Border
      Piranha Lites creates a lighted, visible border around a platform lift so operators and pedestrians can see the safe limit of operation. Accidents happen when people are too close to equipment during operation. The Lites create a radius of operation around the machine so the operator can judge a safe level of distance for operating the equipment.

      Safe Operating Distance
      The Piranha Lites create a safe operating boundary for the machine operators. It creates a constant and immediate boundary on all four sides of the equipment. It’s easy for the operator to see the boundary and stay within a safe distance of operation.

      Capturing Attention
      The Piranha Lites capture the attention of pedestrians around the operating equipment to create heightened awareness of the operating machine. People can be absent minded around operating equipment. They get used to the noise and movement. The lights are bright and attention-getting. People step out of the way as the lighted boundary approach.  

      Easy to Install
      The Piranha Lites are easy to install on nearly any AWP/MEWP. We provide an installation guide to install the lights.