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      Thoughts About Workplace Safety

      From the desk of Mark Jensen, Control Dynamics

      Here’s a few things to share in the world of workplace safety. The focus is MEWP’s (mobile elevating work platforms).

      1. It’s a great thing when you can see exactly how a product saves lives. Piranha Lox does something for MEWPs no other safety product does.

      2. You should also know the new ANSI A92 MEWP Standards come into effect in December, 2019. It’s been nearly a year since the new standards were published. There’s a new classification system involved.

      3. Read the MEWP Accident Report 2017. It’s a quick summary to give you a snapshot of industry safety for aerial lifts.

      4. What is a Near Miss vs. an Accident? A simple model suggests that for every 300 near-misses there will be 29 minor injuries and 1 major injury.

      5. Complacency is a common contributor to workplace injuries. 95% of workplace injuries aren’t done willfully. Complacency can’t be controlled with regulation.

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