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  • The new BRICK SKID has reached a production milestone today!
  • After many months of development the CDI/Western Technology BRICK SKID has been ballasted and flipped back onto its support base.
  • The next task is fitting the mast to the base, and then continuing our reliability testing for the rough use it will see in the field.
  • One of the key features of the BRICK SKID is its stability without using outriggers.
  • This is achieved by filling the “spark-proof” skid with stone fillers to achieve a ballasted weight sufficient to handle high wind loads with the mast deployed.
  • “Our customers appreciate the compact 6×6 foot footprint which will work very well on a Flightline or Chemical plant/tank refit application” says Eric Moran, designer of the BRICK SKID
  • Just like the tough BRICK Lights, The BRICK SKID is built to last in tough explosive atmospheres.