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Our Lighting Solutions specializes in portable LED work lights for hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

Manufacturers and operators of Military and Commercial Aircraft rely on Western Technology’s portable light systems for their “tool-like” reliability.

Western Technology’s primary focus is on portable explosion proof lighting. The company designs and manufactures it’s own proprietary line called the KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights. They are the TOUGHEST, purpose-built, portable, explosion proof LED lights on the market.  

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Model 9610 | Zero-Emissions Explosion Proof Light Tower

 The BRICK SKID offers uncompromising Reliability, Safety and Environmental Benefits while protecting labor & assets, improving productivity and quickly returning capital spent. No Noise, No Heat, No Drip Pans, No Fueling/Fueler, Spark-Free Construction. 


Model 9610 | Portable Explosion Proof Tank/Area Light

The most versatile and rugged LED portable explosion proof area light on the market. Built for a variety of applications ranging from aviation, tank entry, power generation, refineries, and blast & paint.

The BRICKette™

Model 2106 | Portable Explosion Proof LED Work Light

Like it’s big brother the BRICK®, The BRICKette™ | Portable Explosion Proof LED Work Light packs a level of versatility and durability like no other hand-held work light or hand lamp. Because of it’s low voltage low energy (LVLE) rating, we have the flexibility to power up to five lights from one power box



Model 8100 | Explosion Proof Inspection Work Light & Drop Light

Shine a light on the darkest of work site conditions with the STRIKER™ | Explosion Proof Inspection Work Light & Drop Light. The STRIKER™ could also be used as an explosion proof blast light.  The STRIKER™ was designed to meet an incredible variety of applications. This work light is quickly becoming the go-to tool for industrial job sites worldwide. Part of our KICK-IT TOUGH™ LED Safety Lights!



Model 8910 | Explosion Proof Rechargeable Battery-Powered LED Light

The BODYLight™ is the 1st Explosion Proof Rechargeable Battery-Powered LED Light in the World to be ETL certified by an OSHA approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Intertek. It boast ~3.5hrs runtime with 2,500± lumens on High (task specific mode). This LED work light is more than just a flashlight, it is built for industrial services.



Model 2106-S | Explosion Proof LED String Light & Medusa

The BRICKette™ packs a level of versatility and durability like no other Explosion Proof LED String Light. Because of it’s compact size & low voltage use, we have the flexibility to power up to five lights from one power box. The STRINGER™ configuration is more of a typical string work light, allowing up to five lights in a row, with one power switch.