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      The XRail Perimeter Guardrail System

      In collaboration with The Boeing Company, the XRail system was a finalist for the National Safety Green Cross Award for Innovation in 2018.

      The patented XRail solution is another industry first by Piranha Safety. Developed for the aerospace industry, the XRail is the only perimeter guardrail system in the world that can use a variety of methods to raise and lower. The system adjusts in height from 42″ to completely flush.

      The XRail was developed by Piranha Safety for a customer with a unique problem. The client needed leading edge protection that would not require the worker to do anything more than press a button to raise and lower the rail, but they also needed the guardrail system to be versatile, Class I, Div I compliant, fully adjustable, with an optional debris curtain, and the system needed to meet OSHA standards. Typical challenges for Piranha, but we are ravenous innovators!

      XRail Features

      • Available in a variety of lengths ranging from 36″ in width up to 120″
      • Adjusts with pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical and manual operation
      • Standard system raises to 42″ complying with OSHA 1926 subpart M standard
      • Custom height options available
      • Comes with or without debris curtain
      • System can sit 100% flush to floor
      • Class I, Div I certified

      US 9,745,762
      CA 2,889,091
      EP 3 026 195

      The XRail and Boeing

      The XRail system was installed at The Boeing Company in 2015 and since that time, over 1200 airplane wing panels were painted without a serious injury or near miss. The XRail is installed on various tooling used throughout the production process.