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National Shipbuilding Research Program Meeting

Updated: Feb 15

CDI would like to thank the National Shipbuilding Research Program committee and all attendees and presenters at the NSRP meeting in Bath Maine.

Touring the yard and learning about the latest in shipyard process improvement was very informative. I hope to share ideas with the NSRP where we see areas in safety and efficiency can be improved by adopting aerospace processes. We both have large product to produce. We do have differences in weight, materials, and fragility of products. But, we still are trying to get workers to their work areas safer and more efficiently than ever. Just like our ModTruss nose gear stand is doing for the Boeing 777 production process.

The purpose of the NSRP is to “Manage and focus national shipbuilding and ship repair research and development funding on technologies and processes that will reduce the total ownership cost of ships for the U.S. Navy, other national security customers and the commercial sector and develop and leverage best commercial and naval practices to improve the efficiency of the U.S. shipbuilding and ship repair Industry.”

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